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Methanol is replacing diesel bunker fuel for sea transportation among other energy transition applications and is a key building block for innumerable industrial applications. But conventional methanol production relies upon methane extraction and is a major source of CO2 emissions.

Lake Charles Methanol LLC is developing a 4 million tons per year plant producing zero carbon blue methanol. Blue methanol is produced with associated carbon capture significantly reducing the emission of CO2 in the process. This plant will further reduce carbon emissions by relying primarily upon recycled refinery waste that would otherwise be combusted as a fuel.

The project, near Lake Charles Louisiana, combines two plants using environmentally sound processes to produce separate streams of syngas. The blended syngas streams from the two plants will provide the world’s first large scale, zero-carbon Blue Methanol product at production costs in the lowest quartile of global methanol producers.

The project enjoys the support of the U.S. Department of Energy which has issued a conditional commitment for a loan guaranty as part of its program to support clean energy projects and advanced technology.

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